Dublin Tarmac

Machine Laid or Hand Rolled

Dublin Tarmac

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Dublin Tarmac

Any quality driveway needs to have a good base as any house needs to be build on sound foundations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our preparation work which ensures that the surface material will have a maximum life span. If you need a top class contractor for Dublin tarmac, we are your best choice.

Quality Tarmac Driveways

When utilizing former garden space we have to remove all surface materials and excavate to a suitable sub-soil depth. We then cover the area with a minimum of 100-150 mm quality hardcore fill; which is rolled or compacted solid. If required, edging kerbs are fitted around the perimeter of the drive or path area,  the surface is covered with a Tarmac Base Coat which is rolled and compacted into position. A further Tarmac Asphalt is laid and rolled over the surface.

Most concrete drives  are suitable to have a Tarmac overlay. There are several factors which must be taken into account. The condition of the concrete i.e. no settlement cracks. One of our team will be able to tell you the suitability of this concrete base and the technique we would use in overlaying your existing concrete drive. Alternatively if we believe the concrete would make a poor base, we would remove it completely and create our own solid base for the new tarmac driveway.

Patching or Repairing Tarmac

Tarmac and Asphalt can be patched up. We would recommend that your current Tarmac surface be made good from a strengthening view point and then the surface will be covered with our overlay system – A new appearance with years and years of future use. At an unbelievable price!

The new style Tarmac and Asphalts have an extremely hard wearing surfaces which require very little maintenance. We suggest that at least once a year you treat the tarmac with a weed killer to prevent any air borne seeds from taking growth. A wash down with a solution of soapy water once a year will always refresh any driveway surface.

Tarmac Borders and Edging

We offer the full range of Tobermore and Kilsaran block paving borders and edgings. The choice of colour and types are plentiful. Our team can help assist you with the choices free of charge.

The block are bedded on a strong sand and cement mortar mix. The Tarmac surface also grips then into position. After initial setting times it is extremely difficult for any loose movement to occur with the blocks.

When Is The Best Time?

Tarmac can be laid anytime of the year and under most weather conditions. In hot weather it just takes a little longer to go 100% off. Tarmac surfaces are by far the most quickest and cleanest surfaces to lay with very little inconvenience to the householder; they can be used within hours of laying so long a little precaution is taken.

We normally recommend to avoid putting vehicles on a newly laid drive for twenty four hours – depending on weather condition – if we are undergoing a very hot spell of weather it may be a little longer. Foot traffic can use the surface immediately. Our team will instruct on this at the time of installation.

Add Value To Your Property

Tarmac and Asphalt will blend in with any type of property. We can help with shaping the driveway correctly, selecting the right colour and the combination of ancillary products. A well designed driveway should look clean and tidy enhancing a property. Our team will always advise you correctly on the material colour and suitability of choice.

Your friendly Dublin Tarmac Contractor